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Email Address

[email protected]

Phone Number

(763) 807-6411

About Me

Nick is a financial advisor with a passion for helping his clients navigate the often-complex world of personal finance. He specializes in providing creative solutions for high net worth individuals and families looking to make smart financial decisions.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Nick has a deep understanding of the complex financial needs of families and their businesses. He is well-versed in the intricacies of estate planning, tax planning, and risk management, and is able to provide customized solutions to help his clients protect and grow their wealth over time.

Nick's clients appreciate his ability to take a holistic approach to their financial well-being and his ability to provide them with tailored financial plans that take into account their specific family dynamics and goals. He understands that each family is unique and requires individualized solutions.

With a keen understanding of the markets and a talent for identifying investment opportunities, Nick is able to provide his clients with customized investment portfolios that are tailored to their individual risk tolerance and goals.

Nick's ultimate goal is to empower his clients to make informed financial decisions, and to help them achieve their financial goals and dreams.